The Ghost of Telecoms Past

Ahh…memories.  Burlington Telecom, the publicly-funded and publicly-flailing municipal telecom, born of a desire to foist a utility on an unsuspecting populace, is still muddling through (with the City’s financial and legal support) the Citibank lawsuit. These are the fruits borne of the Progressive Party in Burlington, VT – fruits born of a desire to foist a utility on the city that it did not need and no one was asking for, except, well, everyone sitting in the Progressive echo chamber.

That said, Progressivism can do a hell of a job foisting public utilities on an unsuspecting public, plus, as kind of a bonus,

Hey, it's only tax dollars getting flushed here.

Hey, it’s only tax dollars getting flushed here.

Progress….er, the City of Burlington also gets to slap a $17 million dollar bill onto Burlingtonian backs, with no oversight or approval:

In June 2010, having learned that the administration of then-Mayor Bob Kiss had spent $17 million of city money to keep BT afloat — money spent without informing the Board of Finance, the City Council or state regulators, and in violation of both the City Charter and BT’s state license — the council refused to appropriate money for payments on the Burlington Telecom-Citibank lease purchase arrangement, and it was terminated.

The Citibank lawsuit followed that decision.

Citi’s crazy like that, wanting their money back.  The next time Burlington’s property taxes are due, I urge taxpayers to ask

Here's that $17 million check you asked for!

Here’s that $17 million check you asked for!

the City to take your payment out of the “cash pool” that Kiss and Leopold went swimming in, in violation (in several violations) of BT’s Certificate of Public Good.

Weinberger said it is not clear that the talks will result in an agreement but said the work of preparing for the talks may bear fruit “in coming months.”

What fruit?  Like apples?

“It’s an important meeting,” he said. 

So was the meeting that was never held before the City committed $17 million taxpayer dollars to a failing enterprise of its own creation, without even stopping to consider whether or not they should.  Such considerations need not have slowed down A Mayor In Full, nor his personal banking assistant Jonathan Leopold.


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