The Crony Capitalist

Straight outta Compton, er, Brooklyn, Vermont’s own Bernie Sanders, US Senator, has come out in support of large-scale wind power projects by opposing a proposed state moratorium on their construction in VT.

Hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

Hi, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

In other words, Sanders is an unapologetic supporter of Washington determining what the state shall and shall not do, simply because he knows better, with his vast background in electrical engineering, the power industry, and climatology, to wit:

Sanders says he plans to introduce legislation in Washington to boost investments in wind and other renewable energy.

First of all, I’m not sure DC needed any help in boosting “investments” in these areas, considering the hundreds of billions that have been tossed down the corn chute in the name of worshipping the gods of renewable energy.

What Sanders can happily ignore in his position (which should be an enormously frightening thing for any citizen to behold) are costs.  Costs are the evil, lurking thing, hiding in the shadows, that some citizens can happily ignore, because someone else will have to wrestle those costs to the ground, and actually pay them – but it won’t be him.
Some things have enormous costs, but are worth the investment.  A carrier battle group, for instance, or roads, an airport, maybe a canal or two.  Power generation has a cost, a well-understood cost, depending on the energy generation method, its distribution costs, etc.  Sanders’ love for federal interventionism is that it allows for favors to be granted to companies if they are the right kindBernanke/Spanky of company that a person like Sanders would support.  A company that has massive ties to federal, state and local renewable energy grants, for example, which, by extension, makes them actors of the state, not the individual.  This is what appeals to someone who, for so long, is interested in following the failed, catastrophic, life-and-soul-destroying models of massive, centralized governments that killed over 100 million people in the 20th century.

Energy, education, and health care – these are vehicles by which we lose choice, freedom, and independence.  When we rely on federal masters for the dispensation of each of these things, we become beholden to them, rather than having them serve us, the People.

The Constitution starts with “We, the People”, not “We, the Senators”.  It would be refreshing, and to quote most news outlets that support the current administration, “unexpected“, to find a Senator Sanders rejecting the idea that he knows what’s best for Vermonters.  Independence is not something a collectivist can happily tolerate.  This may come as a shock to an avowed Socialist, but Vermonters don’t need another Daddy telling them what they can and cannot do.  We didn’t need a King George telling us what to do; we certainly don’t need an aging flatlander from Brooklyn* to do that, either.

*We love The Brooklyn.  We do not love The Sanders.


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