The Quick And The Confused

Putney’s own Peter Shumlin recently lauded two outstanding US Senators, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Barbara Boxer, for their fine work in creating the Climate Protection Act, which, of course, means that the “climate” requires the intervention of two people who have lived most of their adult lives in the most climate-controlled roomsslowdown in the world, but hey, I’m digressing.  It’s Peter we’re talking about here.

Peter’s statement, fresh and minty on the Vermont Governor’s website, states the following, which I have admirably deconstructed here so as to better appreciate its full effect:

“We cannot act quickly enough to move our nation and our planet off fossil fuels, reduce carbon emissions, and promote safe, renewable sources of energy to fuel our economic growth.”

The last thing I want to hear a politician saying is that we can’t act quickly enough, unless he or she is saying they’re going to cut taxes and spending.  No, actually, we don’t need to do anything at all.  I’m quite happy not to spend money we don’t have for things we don’t need, especially when it’s a politician telling us we must have something that he or she is not going to have to pay for.  You know what’s a real crisis, Peter?  The fact that Vermont is 36th nationally in median household income.  Taking money from someone else and spending it on grants or other benefits to favored enterprises (what the realists in the world like to call “crony capitalism”) is like taking a bucket of water from one end of a pool, walking to the other end, and pouring it back into the pool from the other side, and then claiming that the water level is rising.  You did work for a school, correct?clappy mcclown

“I applaud Senators Sanders and Boxer for putting forward federal legislation tackle this issue.”  

It’s hardly shocking to find a Peter Shumlin applauding Bernie Sanders, noted crony capitalist, and potential Senate-seat donator.  And what, exactly, is Sanders advocating for?  More Solyndras?  More intermittent energy sources at 3X the kilowatt-hour rate of, oh, say, nuclear power?  Or natural gas?  When, again, did Peter get his degree in climatology – and, having said degree in hand, gets to spend our tax dollars – our tax dollars, not his – on projects based on laughably bad and discredited science?  Isn’t this the same Peter who told us that Vermont would no longer have a ski industry?  Did Peter go skiing in VT last year, or did I miss something?  I seem to recall spending roughly 36% (there’s that number again) of my free time shoveling out from under 47 tons of snow in 2011.

“Senator Sanders once again is demonstrating his leadership on behalf of Vermonters by urging Washington to recognize that there is no greater threat to the future of Vermont and the planet than climate change.”

Senator Sanders is only demonstrating the same thing that he always demonstrates – he wants power, through the form of higher taxation and increased spending, and he wants to control how you and I live.  He simply knows better than you do, you see, because Sanders hasn’t spent three decades of his life in public office, so he knows how the real world works.  Right?

The greatest threats to the future of Vermont are the politicians telling us that climate change is the greatest threat to Vermont.  That path has been tried.  Development restrictions in VT, in the form of several very famous Acts, have created a financial wasteland where the largest employer in the state is the State, our college graduates leave the state at a record pace (and Shumlin has a plan for that, too – which, and I applaud him on his consistency here, involves yet more spending), and the largest growth sectors in the Vermont economy are in the public sector.kneelbeforezod

The public sector.  The jobs that someone else pays for.  The only thing missing from Peter’s financial fantasy world would be Vermont’s own mint, where we could print our own money and spend 40 cents of borrowed money for every 1 dollar in budge spending – just like his hero, Bernie Sanders does, every single day of the week.   So if Peter supports Bernie’s efforts, he’s sure to earn himself a wedge of the federal spending pie, sprinkled lightly with green sprouts.


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