Sanders Says Government Unlikely To Stop Spending More Than It Has, Ever

Senator Bernie Sanders, representing someone from some state somewhere (I-VT, I guess), recently let ooze forth some nuggets of wisdom regarding federal spending, the sequester, and tax policy.  Again.  Strap in as we approach light speed.

Hero.  Genius.  Hairstylist.

Hero. Genius. Hairstylist.

From the Freeps:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., says he expects Congress will agree to extending the deadline

for passing a fiscal 2013 federal budget as a way to avoid a government shutdown at the end of March.

“I don’t think there will be a shutdown because that’s what the leadership is talking about doing,” Sanders said. “They’ll do it with a continuing resolution.”

Of course they will – because they’ll want to have another crisis several months down the road again, while the USG borrows the equivalent of what’s being cut in the sequester every week.  That sounds like a great plan!

Sanders, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, made the remark as he prepared to fly back to Washington on Monday afternoon.

Sanders, former Communist party member, also neglected to mention that the Senate has not passed a budget in four years, in violation of the law, and of the rules of the committee he works on.

Congress has failed to approve a budget for the current fiscal year, which began in October. President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have said they support passage of a resolution to avoid a shutdown and keep the government running.

Actually, the House has passed budgets (here’s one!), it’s the Senate that has declined to take up a budget vote.  Again.  For the 4th straight year.

Republicans and Democrats, however, have different views about whether such a resolution would include language adjusting how cuts put into effect under sequestration would be carried out.

Sanders said he will push for approval in the coming weeks of a 10-year budget outline that would help create jobs, protect the most vulnerable Americans and still result in $1.1 trillion in deficit reduction.

The budget would help create jobs by not spending $1 – $1.5 trillion annually in deficits.  The USG borrows $6 billion every day.  Every household in the US now owes, as a share of the $16 trillion debt, $139,000.  Also, it might be nice if the President decides to submit a budget, on time – I know it’s hard and all, squeezing the math in when you’re shanking it big time with Tiger at an exclusive resort that only the 1% could afford to play on.

“I would like to see sequestration repealed and replaced by a sensible 10-year budget, which is dedicated to deficit reduction but done in a much fairer way,” Sanders said.

Then Sanders should ask Obama why Obama made the sequester happen.  “Fair” to Sanders does not mean “everyone gets taxed more”, or “everyone gets taxed at the same rate”, or even “everyone gets taxed” – it simply means raising the marginal rates on whoever he deems to be wealthy.  That’s it.  That’s all he’s got.  That’s all he’s ever got.  It is never, ever, about spending.

Oh, unless it’s defense spending.  Then it’s automatically bad.  Um, except for the VT businesses that rely on DoD spending, and without them, entire towns would dry up and blow away.  Aside from those things, though, it’s always more spending, not less.

Sequestration, which calls for $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts to domestic and defense programs, was designed — unsuccessfully, as it turned out — to force lawmakers to work together on a more sensible deficit-reduction approach. Sanders said he opposed passage of the sequestration measure.

A budget increase that Sanders voted for?

A budget increase that Sanders voted for?

Sanders opposed a budget cut?  Color me shocked!.  And just to be clear, it’s a cut in the rate of growth of spending – not an actual budget cut.  The budget, if the sequestration goes through, will be larger next year.  For the rest of us that live in the real world, that’s not a cut; it’s still an increase.

See how that works, Bernie?  It’s shocking, I know!  Golly.

Sanders said he also will press for legislation to go after corporations

that hide profits in off-shore bank accounts as a way of avoiding payment of corporate taxes. He said the amount of tax revenue as a percentage of the gross national product has been declining during the past decade.

Then Sanders should go after the majority of Democrat party donors, who avoid tax hits in the nearly 5,000 page tax code like everybody else wants to do – including the top donors to Obama’s campaign.  Does Obama know Bernie is going after his peeps?

Oh, and why is the percentage of tax revenue of GDP going down, the Senator might ask, if he hadn’t already come to his own conclusions?  That’s because the percentage of government spending is going up, chief.  This guy is a Senator?  Can

Bernie In Da Hood?

Bernie In Da Hood?

someone hand him a calculator and show him how to use it, without him chipping a nail?

“Americans have made clear in the election and in poll after poll that just cutting programs is wrong,” he said.

What’s wrong is Sanders’ statement, which is completely false, and does not reflect polling whatsoever.

Even if we taxed the top 1% (people making over $250K per year) at 100% of their incomes, that would not be enough to pay half of one single year’s deficit – not to mention starting to pay back the $16 trillion in deficits that Sanders has happily contributed to in his long Congressional legacy.
So, I’d like to ask the Senator:  What part of the math don’t you understand?  I mean, besides all of it?


One thought on “Sanders Says Government Unlikely To Stop Spending More Than It Has, Ever

  1. You make a lot of excellent points. I’m still searching for an explanation of what made BS so ignorant, and why VT keeps voting for him. Perhaps these are mysteries that will never be solved.


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