Peter Peter: The Climate Change Believer

Renewables Exhibit 1

Renewables Exhibit 1

Putney’s own Peter Shumlin, fresh from telling Canada we don’t want their cheap domestic oil because of global warming concerns, might have to re-set his worldview on settled science and gape in unholy awe at the fact that the IPCC is now saying that all that climate sciency stuff they were saying was completely and utterly inaccurate.  Some highlights:

  • “Current datasets indicate no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century … No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.”
  • “In summary, there continues to be a lack of evidence and thus low confidence regarding the sign of trend in the magnitude and/or frequency of floods on a global scale.”
  • “In summary, there is low confidence in observed trends in small-scale severe weather phenomena such as hail and thunderstorms because of historical data inhomogeneities and inadequacies in monitoring systems.”
  • “Based on updated studies, AR4 [the IPCC 2007 report] conclusions regarding global increasing trends in drought since the 1970s were probably overstated.”
  • “In summary, confidence in large scale changes in the intensity of extreme extra-tropical cyclones since 1900 is low.”

These findings, based on data that was previously available but studiously ignored, seems to run contrary to a lot of what Shumlin has been saying, loudly, from his gubernatorial aerie in Montpelier.  Here’s a few select quotes from Gov. WarmCheese on what he thinks is the right thing to do, because, you know, he worked in a family business all his life and then wandered halls under a golden dome for more years, so he’s all scienced-up now:

Shumlin on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

“RGGI is something to be proud of and to embrace, not something to raid for short-term budget gains — as has occurred in some states recently — or to reject for political gain.”

Says the guy who routinely pimps global warming/climate change as part of his political stump speeches. Peter hasn’t gained anything politically by doing that, has he?

“We cannot deny the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet;”

Sure we can. The IPCC just did.

“we should not abandon our responsibility to future generations who count on us to do the right thing.”

I agree. We should cease all renewable subsidies immediately, bring back Vermont Yankee, and stop planning to charge Vermonters and Vermont businesses 3X the normal kilowatt

Hey Everyone!  I'm tripling your electricity bill!  Vote for me!

Hey Everyone! I’m tripling your electricity bill! Vote for me!

hourly rate that paying for intermittent, expensive, and laughably non-renewable energy costs.  The right thing would not be to shoulder future generations, who have no chance to vote laughingstocks out of office because they’re not born yet, with a debt burden created because political hacks like their state-funded jobs, and as kind of an extra bonus, future generations, the many, will have both a diminished economy and diminished expectations due to the short-term selfishness of the few.

Oh.  Here’s a shining example of what Peter’s Policies would do, in the real world, when politicians sell garbage to a populace that’s eager to believe them:

The high use of renewable energy in eastern Germany driven by government green energy policies is  causing instability to its own electric grid as well as to neighboring countries, resulting in industrial companies having to purchase generators and emergency back-up systems rather than face replacing equipment damaged during disruptions of service. Electricity bills are also expected to go up by 10 percent this year. With residential electricity prices in Germany already about 3 times higher than prices in the United States and increasing further, it is no wonder that 800,000 German households can’t afford their electricity bills.

Now I’m not sure exactly what this means, but it sounds really bad:  Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, warned: “We face a systemic industrial massacre.”

The most obvious consequence is lots of subsidies and taxes.  The German government has arranged for renewable energy producers to sell the power grid their electricity at more than 6 times the wholesale electricity market rate.  Nature reported that in 2012 renewable energy producers “cashed in an estimated €20 billion for electricity worth a mere €3 billion.”  Counting the costs of electricity from all sources, the Institute for Energy Research reported that “Germans pay 34 cents a kilowatt hour compared to an average of 12 cents in the United States).”

In other words, Peter’s plan, much like Europe’s is to jack the costs of everything through the roof, and then sit back and wonder why economies don’t grow.  The plan is to wreck economies to gain nothing.  Why, again, does anyone think this is a good idea?

I guess when you’re the governor of the state with a low unemployment rate due to a low labor participation rate, the state is the largest employer, and the bulk of the new jobs created in the last decade are service and tourism jobs, then the cost of power doesn’t matter much to you – since hey, someone else is going to be paying for that, anyway.  We cannot be so naive as to think that the state’s formerly largest employer, IBM, wound up siting their newest fab in NY, and not here in VT.

But Peter’s still got solutions!  Ready for the next gov’t-sponsored initiative?  Button Up, Vermont!  Because everyone knows you need a governor to tell you to shut your windows in

Peter Zips, He Doesn't Button

Peter Zips, He Doesn’t Button

the winter when the heat’s on.  Where would the average, thick-skulled Vermonter be without these nuggets of wisdom from our esteemed governor?  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to keep hitting the refresh button on the Governor’s website in anxious anticipation of his telling me what next to do.  I have a suggestion for the governor’s next website:  I call it “Zip It, Peter!”

And what’s a Vermont government without a Climate Change Cabinet? Are they still meeting? And why does a lawyer head up a “cabinet” that’s supposed to address a scientific issue, one that’s massively, hopelessly complex?  As the IPCC has finally admitted, that even they have not been able to model to any level of reliable accuracy?  Here’s one of the Cabinet’s “duties”:

12. Advise the Governor on the state’s role in regional and federal efforts to address climate change and energy security.

We must be much more energy secure now that VY is going offline.  Well done, Cabinet.

Climate change, and the politicians who love it, isn’t really about climate change.  It’s about control of other peoples’ lives.  It’s about telling them what to do.  It’s about social “justice”, which is simply re-distribution of wealth by other means.  So the vehicle by which this equalization is implemented does not matter in the least; it’s simply the results that matter, and that the people who feel like they know what’s best for us remain in positions of power.

That’s it.  That’s all it’s ever been about.  Power.  And not the cheap kind we used to be able to buy from Vermont Yankee.


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