Peter Welch: Ethanol Denier

Peter Welch, Vermont’s lone voice of reason in the House of Representatives, recently admitted that, well, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  At all.  When evidence and rational thought on a subject were completely and utterly available to him, he voted the wrong way anyway.  And he’s really, really sorry about that now.

Not pictured:  Peter's face.

Not pictured: Peter’s face.

From the Freeps:

U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., says it’s time to pull the plug on America’s commitment to manufacturing ethanol as a way to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

“It’s been a flop,” Welch said in an interview last week. “It was well intentioned, but it’s been a flop.”

The same could be said for Peter’s tenure in Congress.  But I’m shocked, shocked, that something the federal government does could possibly go wrong.  So Peter’s telling me that a massive market intrusion by the USG was a well-intentioned flop?  Sounds like Obamacare, doesn’t it? Isn’t that a well-intentioned flop, too? Peter voted your tax dollars be thrown down the corn chute on both of these flops, and he really, sincerely hopes you vote him back in again to do the exact same thing next time.

And this, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with Progressivism at its core: We elect the self-annointed in order for them to experiment, with millions, billions, and trillions of taxed and borrowed dollars, so they can feel good about themselves and secure votes from constituencies who think that a) it’s the government’s job to enact these hare-brained schemes, and b) our elected “leaders” know what’s best for the simple rubes that slap their sorry cans into office.

Subsidies distort markets. Subsidies give you more of what you ask for, regardless of the utility of the product. Ethanol subsidies have created a huge market for corn, corn that will inevitably be purchased because of the subsidies, but that has also squeezed out other, more productive crops that do not rely on subsidies to justify their growth.  That’s just the start of the downside with ethanol.

But there’s no end to the awakening Peter’s undergone recently.  Let’s enjoy him together, shall we?

Welch said he began revising his views on ethanol following discussions with Franklin County farmers who told them that ethanol in gasoline was wrecking the engines of their farm machinery and driving up the cost of feed corn.

Oh, so Peter’s just waking up to these facts now? It’s not just farm equipment that gets damaged, Peter, it’s everyday vehicles buying gas at the pump with mandated ethanol minimums. All of this, every bit of it, was known and understood well before the subsidies were voted in. This technology has been around since at least the 1920s, and its impact on engines is already well known.

But hey – don’t let facts stop Peter Welch from voting it in. Let’s see if I can summarize this: Costs of gas increase. Costs of car maintenance and repairs increased. Net loss from a global warming perspective, which I’m sure is a primary concern for Peter.

And he voted for it.

But now, he’s really, really sorry that he did that. Please forgive him.

Thanks Peter, but that'll be a "No" on the apology thing.

Thanks Peter, but that’ll be a “No” on the apology thing.

All that’s left for Vermonters to do is just sit back and wait for Peter’s next apology for a lousy vote.  Obamacare, perhaps?  Will we be witnessing an apology tour around the state of Vermont, for that “well-intentioned flop”? I’m wondering how long it will take him to admit his completely avoidable mistakes on this one, too?


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