As The Snow Settles Gently Over Shumlin – The Settled Scientist

Vermont, whether she likes it or not, needs leadership on climate change, or global warming, or global cooling, or global exploding, or how best to combat a zombie apocalypse that may or may not be related to the environment.  We need action now, people, and who better to lead this charge against the horrors of the climate doing…something…than Putney’s own Climate Scientician And Possible US Senate Candidate

Trust Me:  Electric Cars Will Fix The Map Behind Me

Trust Me: Electric Cars Will Fix This

Extraordinaire, Peter Shumlin?

Well, OK, someone might actually suggest talking to a scientist or two, but hey, they don’t have the experience a governor has in dealing with climate change.  All those science people have is science and PhDs in, um, science.  But what the scientists don’t have, and Peter does, are connections in Washington, DC, from which all USDA-approved sciencing oozes slowly out of, and pools gently in the shallower parts of the DC swamp.  Like the US Senate.

As luck would have it, a month ago Shumlin was appointed by the White House to serve on a “nationwide task force on “Climate Preparedness and Resilience“.  His qualifications?  He happened to be in the chair when Irene hit.

A total of 26 officials from around the country, including eight governors, local officials and two tribal representatives, have been named to the panel. Vermont Public Radio reports that the White House says the task force members will use their firsthand experiences in building climate preparedness and resilience in their communities to inform national policy decisions about climate change and natural disasters.  Shumlin’s experience comes from Tropical Storm Irene which caused severe flooding in Vermont and more than $200 million in damage.

Actually, I think Peter’s experience here extends to being able to ask Washington for help in repairing the aging infrastructure that was already in dire need of repair, but was completely destroyed in many parts of Vermont due to Irene.  Which might reflect more of the governor’s budgeting priorities than any actual experience in dealing with catastrophes.  In other words, Peter’s no Calvin Coolidge – and at the first sign of trouble, he runs to DC, which is apparently all the qualifications one needs in order to become qualified to sit on a DC panel and publish things, and spend federal tax dollars.

So, right on cue, one month later, Peter busily starts talking up climate change, and how electric cars are going to stop floods from occurring.

Here.  If you eat one of these, you'll save a polar bear.

Here. If you eat one of these, you’ll save a polar bear.

Shumlin pointed at a news conference Wednesday to an agreement with seven fellow governors to put 3.3 million electric-powered, zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. He also noted a series of grants from the state Agency of Natural Resources to towns enabling them to install electric vehicle charging stations.

Well, that should work out great.  Putting more cars on the road that have higher carbon footprints to build them than standard vehicles sounds like logic only a politician can love, as long as it gets him greater national exposure and opens up doors for him in DC.  As has been noted repeatedly, but ignored by politicians looking to score votes (like Shumlin and Barack Obama), zero-emissions vehicles take significantly more emissions in the manufacture of the vehicle than standard vehicles, which means that even in the best case scenario, the best, it’s a wash between the zero-emission vehicle and a standard.  A subsidized wash, because taxpayers are footing the bill for many of the companies building and replacing the batteries for zero-emissions vehicles.  Not to mention that Vermont is wildly unequipped to build out the infrastructure for charging stations, and since the price of our electricity is going up due to Peter’s efforts in shuttering Vermont Yankee, well, how do those realities square with a push to put more electricity-dependent vehicles on the road?  In Peter’s world, it does not have to.

The governor says a regional greenhouse gas initiative among northeastern states caps carbon emissions and pays Vermont money because of the state’s low carbon footprint. He says the state has taken in nearly $12 million from that program this year.

Great.  Peter’s advocating that we send more money to DC to have them send it back to us as long as we dance correctly to their puppet strings.  Freedom and Unity, indeed.

And eight northeastern states are renewing their efforts to reduce emissions from upwind coal-fired power plants.

Good for them.  But since we’ve shut down VT Yankee, we’ll be needing to buy more coal-fired power, at higher prices, off the grid to power all those electric cars.  Thanks, Peter!

But now, there is bad news for Peter and those he wants to subsidize to build zero-emissions vehicles that we don’t need.  What is this political-future-shattering news?  The Climate Isn’t Doing What Peter Told Us It Would Do.

2013 is one of the “least extreme” weather years in U.S. history.

Extreme Heat: The number of 100 degree days may ‘turn out to be the lowest in about 100 years of records’

Hurricanes: ‘We are currently in the longest period (8 years) since the Civil War Era without a major hurricane strike in the US (i.e., category 3, 4 or 5)’ ( last major hurricane to strike the US was Hurricane Wilma in 2005)

Tornadoes: ‘lowest total in several decades’

Number of wildfires: ‘On pace to be the lowest it has been in the past ten years’

This reality is counter to what Peter’s been peddling the last few years, predicting that Vermont would become New Jersey in terms of its climate (and its mob

Did I show you my mansions?  Both of them?  Couldn't have just one, I needed to reduce my footprint by buying two.

Did I show you my mansions? Both of them? Couldn’t have just one, I needed to reduce my footprint by buying two.

connections, one assumes).  Oh, and more bad news:  Arctic sea ice isn’t melting.  Only the hopes are melting for those that wanted to profit from global warming.  So much for the settled science, Peter:

2013 has been a gloomy year for global warming enthusiasts. The sea ice in the Antarctic set a record, according to NASA, extending over a greater area than at any time since 1979 when satellite measurements first began. In the Arctic the news is also glum. Five years ago, Al Gore predicted that by 2013 “the entire North polar ice cap will be gone.” Didn’t happen. Instead, a deflated Gore saw the Arctic ice cap increase by 50% over 2012. This year’s Arctic ice likewise exceeded that of 2008, the year of his prediction. And that of 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Weather between the poles has also conspired to make the global warming believers look bad. In December, U.S. weather stations reported over 2000 record cold and snow days. Almost 60% of the U.S. was covered in snow, twice as much as last year. The heavens even opened up in the Holy Land, where an awestruck citizenry saw 16 inches of snow fall in Jerusalem, almost three feet in its environs. Snow blanketed Cairo for the first time in more than 100 years.  

2013 marks the 17th year of no warming on the planet. It marks the first time that James Hansen, Al Gore’s guru and the one whose predictions set off the global warming scare, admitted that warming had stopped. It marks the first time that major media enforcers of the orthodoxy — the Economist, Reuters and the London Telegraph – admitted that the science was not settled on global warming, the Economist even mocking the scientists’ models by putting them on “negative watch.” Scientific predictions of global cooling – until recently mostly shunned in the academic press for fear of being labeled crackpot – were published and publicized by no less than the BBC, a broadcaster previously unmatched in the anthropogenic apocalyptic media.

Given the recent findings, it looks like Peter’s showing up late to the global warming party.  But as our elected leadership continually reminds us, they never let the small things like facts get in the way of moving their political agenda forward – an agenda that’s simply a vehicle (zero-emitting or not) to power.


One thought on “As The Snow Settles Gently Over Shumlin – The Settled Scientist

  1. nicely written. You’re right that most don’t realize that mining of lithium (for the batteries) produces so much air pollution that it takes about 50K miles for a prius to be even. And that doesn’t include the monetary effects of someone paying more for this car to help out the environment.

    All the while Obama takes off in Air Force One for 9 holes in Maui, on a whim (previously..not the current vacation).


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