Unions United

Well, unions aren't people, either, but their money is OK to give to Democrats?

Well, unions aren’t people, either, but their money is OK to give if it’s to Democrats only?

The Vermont Senate, fresh from not doing much to address Vermont’s longtime flailing economy, recently voted 25-2 to call for a US Constitutional Convention. Why? What nation-shattering event has caused Democrats to rally to Montpelier?

Well, the Citizens United decision, of course – the Supreme Court decision that upheld the ability of corporations,  and unions – to spend monies on political campaigns. One wonders if the Senators realize that the prime beneficiary of Citizens United is not corporations, but unions. The same unions that routinely donate, in overwhelming percentages, to Democrat candidates and causes.

But let’s let a Democrat speak for herself on this critical issue:

“We’re sending a strong message to our Congress and to other states that we would like to see changes to overturn the Citizens United decision. It’s upsetting the balance of our electoral process,” said Sen. Virginia Lyons, D-Chittenden, lead sponsor of the resolution. “It’s our generation’s greatest responsibility to restore free elections.”

I thought our generation’s greatest responsibility was to establish universal health care, but it’s so hard to keep Democrat’s claims to our nation’s greatest responsibilities straight these days. Given Lyons’ voting record, it seems she’s only interested in raising taxes, and forcing non-union workers to pay fees to unions.

Which leads a Vermonter to conclude that Lyons only real concerns about Citizens United are how best to use the phrase “Citizens United” as a political performance vehicle, rather than any real concern over the influence of money in politics. If that were her concern, why is her second largest donation sector listed as “Public Sector Unions”?

Given the scope of Citizens United, one might think Lyons is on the wrong side of the argument, but since that decision has been painted as some kind of corporate fascism by the Left, it’s easy to demagogue – if you ignore the inconvenient facts staring you in the face.

Facts which seem to be easy to ignore for the overwhelming number of Democrats in the Vermont Senate.


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